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02/23/09 04:33 PM #1    


Tim Getz

Madison Indiana History 101

Please note that we are celebrating Madison's bicentennial all this year. The 200 hour bicentennial party begins on June 6.

08-21-1805 The area is ceded by indians (native Americans) to the U.S. government.
04-01-1809 John Paul purchases the property that includes Madison.
1809 John Paul settles in the area.
02-13-1811 First court convenes in Madison.
02-18-1811 First public sale of lots in Madison.
02-01-1812 Jefferson County is officially formed.
06-12-1812 Madison platted.
12-11-1816 Indiana becomes a state.
o4-15-1825 Madison incorporated as a town.
02-03-1832 Madison & Indianapolis Railroad chartered.
02-23-1853 Madison High School chartered. First High School in the state.
09-20-1854 Indiana State Fair held in Madison.
02-21-1905 Act establishing Southeastern Hospital {Madison State Hospital).
12-20-1929 Madison-Milton Bridge dedicated.
08-11-1940 Jefferson Proving Ground aquisitioned.
03-18-1950 Madison Cubs win State Basketball Championship against Lafayette Jeff.
12-18-1958 "Some Came Running" starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Shirley Maclain and filmed in Madison premieres.
07-04-1971 Miss Madison wins Gold Cup at The Madison Regatta, as depicted in the movie "Madison".
04-03-1974 Tornado kills 10 in Madison and Jefferson County, devastates Hanover and the Madison hilltop.
06-26-1999 Madison Cubs win Class 3A State Baseball Championship.
04-17-2005 "Madison" movie starring Jim Caviezel and Jake Lloyd and filmed in Madison premieres at the Ohio Theater.
03-31-2006 Madison given National Historic Landmark Status.
09-21-2008 Miss Madison clinches first national championship.

Compiled from the Madison Bicentennial Calender published by The Madison Courier

04/29/09 02:16 PM #2    

Dwight Ritter

sorry to hear that Jimmy Mayfield has passed. Or as the Egyptians first said, he has passed over the river and into immortal life.

I remember Jimmy well. he was the spice of life. And unless I'm mistaken, when we were young his dog was named "jigs". He would talk about that dog endlessly.if you knew Jimmy you knew about that dog. But, the funny thing was that I never saw the dog. And at times I wasn't sure that it existed.But Jimmy told great stories about that dog and so if the dog didn't exist it didn't matter. The stories were well worth it.

When we were young,Jimmy always prided himself as a superior car driver.I didn't know if it was true or not, but he sure knew a lot about cars.

A funny thing occurred several years ago. I was taking the deposition of a city manager for the city of Oceanside, California. We claimed that the city had improperly fired various employees for the wrong reasons and the city was defending that economic hardship required the employee terminations. The city manager testified that they fired all types of employees with the only exception being the bookmobile driver. I asked why not the bookmobile driver. He said because this driver was the only person capable of driving the bookmobile. The drivers name was Jimmy Mayfield. This is a true story. I always wondered if that was the same Jimmy Mayfield even though I knew it was unlikely. it actually made sense to me.

Sorry to hear that Jimmy had been in ill health but he leaves many fond memories with me.

09/29/09 10:56 PM #3    


Tim Getz

What a hoot!!! Three days later and I still can't get this stupid smile off my face. I only hope that ya'll had nearly as much fun as I did. Good to know some of us can still keep it goin' all night long. I pray everybody made it home safe, you're all too precious to lose. Want to thank everybody who took part in making it happen: Nancy and Clint for opening their house to us, Louise and Bill for their sponsorship, Sherry for her donations, Marla and Betty for the countless hours spent, all the gazebo girls and committee members, everyone who helped in the preparations, each and every one who made the trip, and especially Karen, our leader and inspiration. You done good, girl. Enjoy your trip. This fellowship has made me feel extremely lucky to be a member of the class of '69. What a great group! May you all live long and prosper and my wish for you all is: Have Fun Always! And, Dianne, get your patch and I hope your prostate is OK.

10/06/09 06:51 PM #4    

Dwight Ritter

I knew it was going to be a great reunion. You could tell by all the enthusiasm on the website. Boy, I sure am sorry I missed out but it was just impossible to be there. Nevertheless, I am so glad that so many had so much fun. It sounds like everyone got their $25 worth.

Is it true that Tom McClellan has the youngest child? My youngest is just 2 years old. does Tom have one younger than that? I hate losing anything to Tom McClelland so I guarantee that at the next 10 year reunion I will win youngest child.

Karen, as always you did a great job and we certainly have you to thank for your enthusiasm, hard work, and inspiration.

10/10/09 12:03 AM #5    


Karen Modisett

No Dwight I think you would the winner, but you lost because you couldn't come to the reunion. Really Marla was hoping you would be here so you could win. When you get to town sometime, we will have a mini-reunion.

10/10/09 12:05 AM #6    


Karen Modisett

Dear Forum Users,
I am trying to think of ways to make this a more usable place on the website. I put a link on the homepage...maybe people will start using it. The site is still a work in progress. If anyone finds a new way to have a forum that is visible on the homepage let me know. K

02/07/10 08:17 PM #7    

Karen Warren (Henrich)

To our classmates...Delbert Read lost his mother yesterday...Delbert was a classmate and neighbor of mine all my school years..thoughts and prayers to him and his family...karen warren henrich

10/28/11 06:49 PM #8    

James Gebhardt

I lost my best friend last week to cancer. George Harr was in the class of 1968. I am missing him very much. He and I, Tom McCelland and Mike Rusk were all in the same Sunday school class at First Baptist in the mid sixties.

05/16/12 12:42 AM #9    


Robert Wilson

We are one! Madison Indiana is our common bond. It is strong and it is eternal. Starr and I love all of our classmates.

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