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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 74.4%

A:   163   Joined
B:   56   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


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•   Russell Linville  6/9
•   Vicki Bell (Link)  6/11
•   Tom Vanosdol  6/16
•   Lee Haywood (Francisco)  6/18
•   Barbara Kronemier  6/18
•   Anne McCubbin (Gernert)  6/19
•   Robert Ford  6/20
•   Jan Claflin (Russell)  7/9

Madison Consolidated High School
MCHS Class Of 1969



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"I'm not crazy; my reality is just different from yours."

  Lewis Carroll  ---   Alice in Wonderland





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 Byron, Steve, and Doc playing our favorite songs.  

We're so glad we had this time together.


The website needs a little pizazz and you can help.  Do you have any class pictures from your elementary school years?  Or do you have any interesting personal pictures from your high school years?  Prom photos, atheletic team photos etc. would be great.  You can take a picture using your phone or scan them for an even better picture.  There is a way you can post them to the site yourself. Or Karen can scan them for you.  The site is for all of the class and since we added Dupont and Deputy during high scho they are not well represented.  Plus those pictures are pretty cute.  Thanks for adding some memories.

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  • These are the pictures that Jodi Sullivan took for us of the reunion.   They are on Snapfish.  You may have to register for Snapfish, but there is no cost for looking at the pictures.
  •  If you have trouble getting to the picture please email Karen. 

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Carolyn Hilterbran Henry's Pictures

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The slideshow was shown at the reunion.
The music is from Terry Lockridge's CD
         It's a Matter of Time
      Terry's  CD is available on


Pictures from Mr. Anderson's E.O. Muncie Collection

Miss Waltz, Richard Hill, Margaret Stewart, Tommy Bentley,,Carlos Smith,Luther Dyer,Tanya Klopp, Herbert Jones, Mr. Anderson

Myron Davis, Lillija Vladimarus-----Byron Rohrig, Gary Ginn

Mary Atkinson, Kerry Anderson, Terry Williams, ---Debbie Risden---Marla Thomas, Gary Burke, Jan Claflin

Ricky Kains, Sandy Deputy, Phillip Morris, Becky Dryden, Jimmy WIldman, Jeannie Herford, Mike Rusk, Louis ?, Bruce Rogers

Diane Ritchy, Timmy Getz, Wilma Ginn, Bobby Smith, Brenda Alton, Dennis Munier, Susan Witty, Dave Munier, Jan Lucas




Next quiz...Who are THESE people?  Aren't they cute?

Top Row Left to Right (LtR):  Don't Know (DK), DK, DK, Angela Robbins, a Geisler (?), Charlie Bersch, Richard Wilking, DK, Bobby Watson;  2nd Row LtR:  Dave Sherman, Deanna Gray, Donna Harkes, DK, Ruth Ann Welch, Margaret Sutter, Roxanne Nicklaus, DK, DK;  3rd Row LtR:Alan Burchfield, Darrel Harmon, Larry Wright, Gary Jones. Gary Lyons (?), Bobby McDole, Betty Whisman, Tamara ???, Judy Harrison;  Bottom Row LtR; Joe Wells, Rick Burress, Jerry Bales, Pam Thurman (?), Jerry Guernsey, Bobby Bolton, DK, Alice Wells!  Best I can do!  I'm sure if a couple of us got our heads together, we could name some more!--Dave Sherman

Ok - here's an educated guess at the people in this picture:
Top row 6th person: Charlie Bersch
Second row: 1st person: Dave (Tank) Sherman
                    3rd person: Donna
                    5th person: Ruth Welch
                    6th person: Margaret or Linda Sutter
Third row:  1st person: Alan Birchfield
                  2nd person: Darrell Harmon
                  6th person: Gary Galbraith
                  7th person: Betty Whisman
                  9th person: Judy Harrison
Fourth Row:  1st person: Joe Wells
                     2nd person: Ricky Burress
                     3rd person: Jerry Bales
                    4th person: Pam Thurman
                    5th person:: Jerry Guernsey
From Marilyn Mayfield Perkins












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