2024 Reunion. Click Here!

Who: MCHS Class of 1969

Any high school classmates who may have moved or left before graduation are also welcome! 

What: Celebrating the anniversary of our high school                graduation 55 years ago
When: FRIDAY  June 21, 2024
Time: Friday Evening  6 p.m. to 10 p.m. 
Where: Moose Lodge (1340 Michigan Road, Madison, Indiana) on the side with the deck which should be handicap accessible. 

Cost: $25 per person (cash, check or credit card)
Note: A 5.9 % fee charged on credit cards
No money will be collected before February of 2024.   
The money collected will provide for light snacks and desserts, free soda, tea, water. The fee will also cover the cost of room rental, decorations and this 'n that.  
Entertainment: YOU!
Talk among yourselves...you're pretty entertaining. 
Bar Service: Moose Lodge is allowing us to use their bar              service. There will be a CASH BAR for beer and mixed drinks. 
        Absolutely NO alcohol can be brought onto the premises.  

Lodging: Anyone who will need a hotel room, AirBnB or Bed and Breakfast room should reserve space SOON.  Many of these places are listed on the AirBnB app, VERBO app, Booking.com or other lodging sites on the web.  Not all of the new AirBnBs are listed.  We are asking the City to provide a more complete list, but one is not available at this time. It would be best to choose free canellation. 

If you need additional lodging information contact Karen Modisett karen.modisett@hotmail.com or 812-265-5098.  
Additional Events:  
Golf   Location and time to be announced 
Tour of MCHS   June 21, 2024. 1:00 p.m.  Meet at office area. 
Additional events will be announced later.  
Some classmates have inactive email addresses who are on the site so we need help contacting them. Also those classmates not on the site we need contact info. A list of both groups will be emailed to you by February 15.  
 If you have a contact number, address, or email address of a classmate who may have changed that information or may not be on the site please send it to Karen @ 812-265-5098 (cell) or email karen.modisett@hotmail.com. 
PS  I can't get the spellcheck to work.  Remember I wasn't the valedictorian.  Not even close.